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Genesis Energy, L.P.

    The representatives for CHOPS are listed below; please feel free to contact any representative for information or to express an interest in the Cameron Highway system.

Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline Company

Principal Office
919 Milam
Suite 2100
Houston, Texas  77002

Dan May
Asset Management
W)  832-280-3176
M)  832 948-3480
e-mail: Dan.May@genlp.com

Beto Lopez
Scheduling Manager
W)  832-280-3119
C)  713-302-6484
F)  832-280-3206
e-mail: Beto.Lopez@genlp.com

Russell Cowart
Senior Scheduler
W)  832-280-3085
C)  713-208-3320
F)  832-280-3206
e-mail: Russell.Cowart@genlp.com

        CHOPS Delivery Point Contacts